Sales Tax

How do we fund this?

Through a Voter Approved Sales Tax Referendum

Build citizen support for a new 1/2 Cent Sales Tax that would be placed on the November 2024 ballot for residents to vote on.


About the Half Cent Sales Tax:


Proposed Referendum Language to Provide Clear Direction on Use of Funds

Language to be included in Referendum
Citizen Oversight
Inclusion of Citizens Advisory Committee tasked with screening all proposed purchases and serve as primary source of property purchase referrals to the Board of County Commissioners.
Support the Sustainability of Farming and Agriculture
Funds may be used to purchase Conservation Easements. This is a mechanism that helps farmers continue farming by giving up the right to develop a portion of their land thereby enabling it to be preserved.
Limit Scope of Land to be Purchased
Land purchases would be limited to four areas: Blueways, Indian River Lagoon Watershed, Loxa-Lucie and Pal Mar.
Prevent Conflict of Interest
Annual audit of land and properties purchased.


Let’s mobilize our community!

Encourage individuals, organizations, and elected leaders to seize the opportunity while we still can -- and acquire and conserve these precious lands!

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